I was having stomach aches and chest pain and I wasn’t able to get sleep at night. I felt very unhappy and always anxious. After one session I already felt so much happier and more confident in myself. I started to realize what was going on with me and the pains slowly started to go away.

Yossef M.

I have a Toddler and a baby and I am always tired. After my treatments with Tamar I felt as though my body’s energy was rebooted. I felt stronger and clearer throughout the week. I am looking forward to my next appointment!

Shulamit V.

After our first session with Tamar, I already noticed major improvements in my son’s behavior and attitude. Before, when I used to ask my son to read or do a chore, he would whine. But after the session with Tamar, my son would do what was asked of him with little to no complaints. He was also much more efficient in doing the tasks and was more focused. For instance, he did not struggle to read as much as he used to. It seems as though his body and his mind are more relaxed and better able to work as one team. Thank you, Tamar! We can’t wait for our follow- up appointment.

Rachel N.

I have to say I’m much more sensitive to my clients since the BodyTalk session – like I can feel their pain in ways I couldn’t before. Like physically feel their emotional pain. I guess when I get rid of my pain, I am open to feeling theirs.

Allison R.

You have helped me focus, with a calm sense and strong confidence, on the journey to achieve my goals. I know have a clear understanding of the positive process enabling my will. And the exercises that you have given me as homework have helped me in many ways to accomplish my career goals, as well as all-around life goals, with much excitement. And on top of all that, I have connected with a long overdue sense of happiness to thrust forward in said journey, while taking stock in the successful moments along the way. To pause and appreciate the victories, big and small, that continue on the road to my happiness and health.

Evan W.

Session with Tamar are so simple and precise, just like her. Every time I meet with her I come in thinking I’m going to work on one thing but then address something else entirely that was the root of why this pain was manifesting in my body.

Esther S.

Body Talk with Tamar is absolutely fantastic! Her ability to listen deeply to what you are really saying and find the root cause of what’s really holding you back in a very short amount of time is remarkable! She helped me gain much clarity and I felt the difference in how her session impacted me positively in a way that I was able to let go of a lot of unnecessary stories in my head and feeling more at peace with myself.

Naniel N.

Tamar helped me immensely in dealing with the emotional and physical effect of grief from losing my mother. She has become an invaluable confidante and has continued to help me get stronger mentally and physically.

Anna L.

Treatments are special and unique to each patient. Tamar has ability to heal areas of my being in ways I did not know was possible. I feel better in unexpected ways following our sessions. each session benefiting my body and system cumulatively. Our work together is a key ingredient in my wellbeing.

Dana R.

I have been receiving BodyTalk sessions from Tamar for about 9 months now and during this time, have discovered deep rooted fears that I didn’t even remember happening and together we have removed so many blockages. I look forward to each session and still am amazed by how accurately Tamar is able to communicate with my body and how quickly I can feel things shifting within me!

Rachel W.

Tamar is a very gifted healer for adults and kids alike. She did a session with my daughter when she wasn’t feeling well and her leg was bothering her. After the session it was as if she was a whole new person, totally well! I highly recommend Tamar and her BodyTalk services

Julie S.

My session with Tamar was amazing. I felt better immediately and mentally I literally could feel some type of shift. She’s very good at what she does and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Beborah T.

My Bodytalk session with Tamar was extremely insightful. I’ve been an advanced energy healer and wellness consultant for many years and Tamar brought through wonderful awareness to still existing limiting beliefs. I found the therapy session rejuvenating and very relaxing. If you’re looking to do a deeper dive into your subconscious blocks and create more vitality and awareness, Tamar is the gifted practitioner you are seeking!

Claudia F.

Tamar really helped me feel better, I had a lingering health issue and after our session I woke up the next day feeling much better. She also helped shift my anxiety and I felt much calmer after our session.

Courtney O.