Healing Through BodyTalk

Feel as though something is missing… that you should be doing more?

Do you know you can do more and have more, but something is stopping you?

Maybe you want love, but your heart is not fully open.

Have you accomplished a lot but struggle to understand or reach your next level?

Maybe you have a husband and kids, business is going okay, yet things feel as if they’re falling apart.

Are you wondering how you can be present… giving your all as you feel you should?

What if you had a magic wand?

What would your wish be?

Some clients are focused and know what they want.

Some have so many that they can’t choose.

Still others have no clue what they want.

As we start talking and bringing more focus and clarity, sometimes those “wishes” morph into something totally different.

Starting your BodyTalk session…

Using the comprehensive BodyTalk chart, your innate wisdom will guide me to what’s a priority at the time. Innate wisdom is the automatic, self-guided healing process that’s a part of your body’s inborn intelligence. Due to different stresses, this innate wisdom gets overloaded, and energetic circuits fail or become compromised.

BodyTalk helps to re-establish these energetic circuits and efficient communication quickly and effectively, which then allows the body to recover and catch up in the healing process.

We could deal with the physical. For example, let’s say that your liver is not communicating properly to your stomach. BodyTalk breaks it down for the body and reminds it what to do using a technique called “tapping.”

We could deal with something emotional. For example, you might have sadness that you’re not dealing with – sadness that’s been stored in your belly. Or, let’s say you have a fear resulting from something that happened during childhood. We can remove that sadness or fear through simple and effective techniques using visualization and tapping.

While the issues may seem simple, usually, multiple levels need to be addressed. Each level will be dealt with, so you can be comfortable and not experience a “healing crisis.”

Your BodyTalk session might feature other modalities I have learned.

It could be the use of a homeopathic or Bach Flower Remedy.

Or it might incorporate tools from Access Consciousness.

We could even use concepts from Kabbalah.

If you see other practitioners or use medication, BodyTalk works seamlessly with them. However, I would recommend that you don’t do another form of treatment on the same day. Give your body a chance to enjoy both modalities separately.

Once we finish the session…

I’ll ask for your innate wisdom, which will sense how long it will take for you to process your healing, on when the next session should take place.

Depending on the urgency of the issue, the next session could be in a few days or weeks. When clients are on maintenance, it could be 4 to 6 weeks. If the client wants to be seen sooner, I am, of course, open to that.

Most clients experience “aha” moments either during or within a couple of days after the session, but that happens once your body-mind integrates the healing.

Here are some of biggest benefits of BodyTalk…

Acquiring insight into the “whys” of your belief systems…

Being deeply listened to…

Gaining clarity on your limiting beliefs…

Letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you…

Getting perspective on life’s challenges and a greater ability to handle them…

Helping you feel better…

Getting you closer to your career and life goals…

Feeling a better connection with your family and friends…

Are you ready to let go of the past…

… and walk into your future without past drama and trauma? Are you ready to be fully present and fully engaged in your life?

You want to grow… grow in wealth, spirituality, loving, and caring. You know a shift must take place, but you can’t make it happen. This is the difference in having an okay life versus a great life… of living in gray versus living in full color.

It doesn’t make any difference whether we do our sessions in person, through video chat, or over the phone. We will establish a deep connection, and I will help you on your journey.

Don’t delay… call now: (818) 355-1632.