About Therapy

Clients come to me from all walks of life…

I see all ages with all sorts of physical and/or emotional challenges.

Mothers facing the challenges of today’s world, raising their children, being a wife, being successful at work, and taking care of their emotional, mental, and physical self.

Twenty-five to thirty-year-olds searching to find their true self. Fifty and up men and women wanting to stay healthy and being present in their lives, contributing to the greater good.

Seeking a new sense of direction?

Maybe you’re not quite sure what you love to do.

You can’t turn off the “I should be doing …” but you know that’s not you. It never was you. You haven’t listened for so long you can’t hear, but you know that this direction is not it.

I help you get rid of the clutter in your mind by first helping you identify, see, and then remove it. I share techniques that you can use to get rid of the belief systems that no longer serve you.

Or maybe you’re not sure how to achieve a new direction due to blockages.

It’s your tendency for perfectionism that freezes you from acting. Maybe it is your desire to be liked and approved that doesn’t let you be yourself. Or is it an image that you were raised with? This is the way a mother is, and this is what a mother does.

Through your desire to overcome these blockages and tools at our disposal, we will together remove these blockages and help you soar.

What do we do in session? Well, it depends…

… on your desires and needs.

We start the session getting a basic history and what is going on in your world at present. I ask you questions to clarify, and I ask you what your ASK is for this session? If you had a magic wand and could change anything, what would it be?


With BodyTalk, we can address both physical and emotional issues.

The BodyTalk protocol chart gives me the capability of maneuvering between my modalities in addition to being a comprehensive modality.

BodyTalk protocol chart covers both eastern and western ways of addressing the physical body. It also covers the emotional aspects of issues. In the protocol chart, there is space given for other modalities to be used if need be. it can be modalities I know or modalities that you need to be referred out. For instance, the client may need to see their cardiologist or chiropractor.

Access Bars

Access Bars is an amazing tool for elevating the mood. Getting your bars run is like pressing mute to the voices in your head. You gain clarity and calm.

Access Consciousness Facelift

Access Consciousness Facelift is an amazing tool for rejuvenating the body. This is a light-touch hands-on technique where particular energies are applied to the body that create visible and not so visible change. Visible – the skin gets tighter, wrinkles start softening up, and calmness. Not so visible – joints and organs begin rejuvenating.


When I found the BEMER device, I was so impressed with the results that I had to add it to my tools. It’s amazing how by use of frequency, you can increase blood flow in the capillaries. Increased blood flow leads to increased nutrition and oxygen to the cell. When cells are oxygenated and fed, our body is more supported and can heal faster, and we can feel more energized.

In the beginning of the session…

… we sit and talk until we get to the point that we need to address in the session.

Then the client lies down on a massage table. I use neuromuscular checking to communicate with your body. Once I find what needs to be addressed, we will perform the technique needed.

Topics addressed in the session could range from dealing with organs and body parts, body chemistry and cellular structure to fears, deeply hidden belief systems, relationships with family members, and more. The same procedure is followed for remote sessions on video chatting, except the neuromuscular checking and the tapping are done energetically.

Two clients coming in for digestive issues could have a completely different session even if their symptoms are similar. With BodyTalk, we go to the deep root of the issue, but we deal with it according to the body-mind’s priority. By dealing with issues according to the body-mind’s priority, we don’t cause a healing crisis and gently guide the system. The sessions are gentle enough for newborn infants, pregnant women, and ill elderly clients.

I might ask you to roll your eyes or take deep breaths, or I might simply tap you on the head, heart, and belly. Tapping on the head brings the mind’s attention to the issue; tapping on the heart memorized the change in the heart center; tapping on the gut aids in the change’s physical manifestation. When dealing with children, if the child does not cooperate, the session can be done on the parent as a surrogate.

You’ll experience deep relaxation, clarity, and a sense of well-being…

… even when we deal with deep fears or strong belief systems that are holding you back.

For example, if it comes up, we need to clear trauma from the past, a parent passing away, finding out that the fiancé is cheating on the person, or abuse experienced as a child. The client could tear up.

It takes the body and mind time to integrate what you do in session.

This could be a few days to a couple of weeks for full integration. Once we reconnect the lines of communication energetically, the body must start to manifest it, repair, secret…

When we remove the belief system or fear, there is an adjustment period to develop new ways of interacting.

At the end of the session, I’ll talk to you about the best date for your next visit.

Each session builds on the other to give you incredible results.

Progressively, we remove fears and belief systems that hold you back, work on the way you relate and communicate with others.

As we address your body’s different systems and increase their communications, you will also feel more alert and comfortable in your body. As you become more connected and balanced within your being, your life will start looking different.

Your sense of well-being increases, relationships with yourself and others improve, and better choices are made leading to a happier life.

Wouldn’t it be great to be at ease with your body and relationship with yourself, others, and money?

About Me

My journey in the healing arts started when I was a child…

… when I was given my first nurse’s kit. I went around, taking my family members’ temperatures and listening to their hearts! They often commented that I would make a great nurse. To that, I got upset and answered back, “NO! I am going to be a doctor!”

In college, I still wanted to pursue medicine, but I decided to attend pharmacy school instead of medical school because I wanted to be able to spend time with my children as they were growing up. I attended UCLA for undergraduate and received a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry. I then went to USC Pharmacy School and received my Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

There must be more to healing people than conventional medicine.

That’s what I realized when I stepped into pharmacy school. Every drug that I learned about had only a handful of benefits and many more harmful side-effects.

That led to my journey into alternative healing care. There are so many amazing modalities out there. I studied the ones that felt right to me, and I use them in my practice as they fit my clients. There is no one fit for all, and what fits today may not be the right fit tomorrow!

This is my mission…

I desire to contribute to you to manifest your gifts exponentially! So many of us have gifts to offer the world, but we hesitate.

Am I good enough? If I can do it, so can everyone else. I am not special.

We don’t realize our gifts; things that are so normal to us, other people don’t have. Sometimes, our gift could be kindness or listening to others and helping them get insight or feel heard and loved. Maybe we have healing capabilities or business ideas that can change the world. Maybe our gift is to be present with children and see what is special within them. Or maybe our gift is to teach deep concepts in simple language so others can understand.

When we stop the doubts and the belief systems that are so ingrained in us that we don’t even know they exist, then we can start finding our gifts, honing them, and shining them brightly.

I have been studying Kabbalah for over 30 years!

This brings me a deep insight that I am grateful for daily.

I was introduced to Kabbalah in the summer before starting Pharmacy school. I had always been searching for answers to questions that no one could answer about our universe, the physical world’s traps, and spiritual wisdom. When I walked into my first Kabbalah lecture, I felt like I was home.

I share some of the insights that I have gleaned from my studies with my clients, but I think what is important is that studying and practicing the concepts over the past years have shaped me to be the person I am.

When I’m not doing therapy…

I am a mother of four, three sons and one daughter. I loved raising my kids. It was full of challenges and growth opportunities.

I was lucky enough to raise my children in my Kabbalah Community. One of my sons is married and lives in London. A couple of them live mostly in NY, and my daughter lives with me in LA. They are my best teachers.

I like to learn new things all the time – some I pursue and some I do for a little time, like crocheting and making crystal trees. I love listening to audiobooks and lectures. I enjoy walking on the beach. I finally started a garden on my balcony and enjoy spending time with my plants. The newest additions to our family are my three goldfish, Whity, Spotty, and Goldie.

Truly, the biggest blessing and source of happiness for me, other than time with my kids, is when I see the look in people’s eyes when they realize something deep about themselves

Let’s talk.

Are you ready to let go of the pain, blame, and the past?

Do you desire to shine your gifts and experience true joy and happiness?

Call me for a free 20-minute consultation: (818) 355-1632.