Chronic Knee Pain is Ruining Your Life.

Get to its root and break free.

Holistic Therapy for Knee Pain in Los Angeles, CA

The Pain in Your Knee is Bothersome if Not Debilitating.

The knee pain makes it hard to move and be active. You miss just being able to run up and down stairs with ease. Or dancing without care.

Now, even simple workouts need to be done with “modifications”. That just makes you feel old.

I can help alleviate your knee pain.

My background is in pharmacy, and I have added various advanced modalities to my work to facilitate healing and release. People who work with me have dramatic shifts as they are able to let go of old beliefs, deep emotions, and pain.

Knee pain is the signal your body is using to communicate with you. I help you listen to your body, remove blockages, and create alignment within yourself.

Your knee pain has a physical source and possibly an emotional root.

We will delve deep and find the blockages together.

Together we can remove the emotional blocks, align your body and remind it how to heal itself.

It’s time to let go of your knee pain.

Imagine moving around with ease and not being worried about stepping the wrong way.

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